IEOR 171 – Technology Firm Leadership and Organizational Behavior –

This course is designed for upper-level and graduate students, this course explores qualitative management principles and techniques within various kinds of organizations. the goal is to provide students with a sense of what an enterprise is, why it exists, how it is led and governed, how it is organized, and how it is measured. It will explore the nature of organizations, with primary (but not exclusive) focus on corporations, and the management techniques necessary for those organizations to succeed, for individuals to succeed within them. The course will have a focus on entrepreneurial startup companies as well as more established companies and the organizational behavior of the leaders of these companies. There will be several guest lecturers all experts in their fields of business and entrepreneurship.

The texts for this class include:
• Book: “So you want to be an entrepreneur” by Jon Gillespie Brown, (2008) ISBN 13; 978-1-84112-803-0 Capstone Publishing, LTD (a Wiley Company)
• Book: “The Fundamentals of Organizational Behavior – What Managers Need to Know” by Henry L. Tosi and Neal P. Mero, (2003) ISBN 1-40510-074-5 (pbk) (Blackwell Publishing)
• Book: “Leadership Moments – Turning Points that Changed Lives and Organizations” by Arthur L. Jue, Peter Amato, Gary Bodam and Martin J. Boyle, (2007) ISBN 1-4120-9964-1 (pbk) (Trafford Publishing)

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