Measures of Excellence

From UC Berkeley – Facts at a Glance April 2014

Measures of excellence

Rankings: A National Research Council analysis of U.S. universities concluded that UC Berkeley has the largest number of highly ranked graduate programs in the country. The analysis ranked doctoral programs within a range (such as between 1st and 5th), and found that 48 out of the 52 Berkeley programs assessed ranked within the top 10 nationally.

Over the past decade (2000-2009), the National Science Foundation awarded more Graduate Research Fellowships to UC Berkeley students than to those of any other university (MIT was 2nd; Stanford 3rd; Harvard 4th).

A 2008 student survey found that 52% of Berkeley seniors have assisted faculty with research or creative projects.

Public service by students: In any given year, more than 4,000 Cal students do volunteer work. UC Berkeley continues to be the only school in the country to have produced more than 3,000 Peace Corps volunteers since that organization’s inception in 1961.

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