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Comment by Ronald Lesniak 

Faculty Member at the University of California Berkeley and a Member of the UC Berkeley teaching node for the NSF

As the former CEO of Teledex and one of the big providers of in room telephones, I agree with Brian Waldharts’s comments on the need for reliable phone connection in the area of emergency issues and the “Sense of security and knowing a land line phone gives guests peace of mind.”

One of the small features that we designed in our early phones and maintained throughout was a serious emergency feature that is almost completely overlooked. If and when emergencies might arise in a hotel, the phone system must connect emergency service from the hotel staff and outside services to guests for information and to offer assistance.

The primary way to reach each and every guest that is in a guest room is with an incoming call on the phone. Alarms and sirens also are key, but getting to the guest is important. 

That key emergency feature is that on the Teledex phone is related to the ringer volume control switch, a small switch on the back of the phone that controls the loudness of the ring. Our loudness control switch offered a key emergency feature – there is no way to turn the ringer off. The settings on the phone are “High” and “Low”, there is no “Off” position.

Many smart phones that might someday replace the analog guest room phone also have a ringer volume capability, but the user can turn the ringer “off”. How would the hotel reach a guest on the smart phone if it never rang?

A simple idea that is almost 30 year old, needs to exist for guest emergency service.

Posted May 25, 2014 Hotel Technology Next Generation

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