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Economic views of the Entrepreneurial Activity

Entrepreneurship in all its forms fosters job creation and economic development in the United States as well as around the world. Historically, however, in the period from 1977 until 2013, in the United States, a span of 46 years, according … Continue reading

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Paths to Business/Enterprise Creation – Part 1

Today there are a variety ways that new businesses are being formed and are bringing new productsand services to market. This paper will address the current and traditional ways that new products get successfully launched and find enough momentum to … Continue reading

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IQ or EI – Which Better Controls our Destiny

Emotional Intelligence (EI) is an ability to understand and control our emotions in social interactions. Daniel Goleman speaks about EI abilities to motivate oneself and persist in the midst of pressures and frustrations and to control our impulses and delay … Continue reading

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My Teaching Job

My students at UC Berkeley and Santa Clara universities truly want to learn more about the practical aspects of my course content that I offer in my classes on organizational behavior. That might sound obvious, but being a student at … Continue reading

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Measures of Excellence

From UC Berkeley – Facts at a Glance April 2014 Measures of excellence Rankings: A National Research Council analysis of U.S. universities concluded that UC Berkeley has the largest number of highly ranked graduate programs in the country. The analysis … Continue reading

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Leadership Curriculum Study

Leadership Curriculum Study – CET Technology Leadership Course The purpose of this study is to review leadership curriculums offered in leadership programs being taught in organizational leadership and business leadership classes in universities and colleges across the United States. A … Continue reading

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