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I am currently teaching a Course in the Engineering Graduate Program entitled Engineering Management EMGT 322. This is a 2 credit elective course. The focus is on engineering management organizational elements.

Catalog Description:

This course is designed to expose engineers to a new world of formal responsibilities as managers of technical teams that they were once part of.  Ideas from areas of psychology, ethics, and management practices will be presented through lectures and discussions with classroom participation exercises and topical essay homework.  Students will think introspectively about their new managerial roles and new responsibilities to their companies. Ethics, personal values, and techniques to deal with interpersonal issues will be reviewed with a goal of developing personal skills and strengths of effective managers.

Course Objectives: 

Engineers who move from a technical, functional assignment into the realm of management cross a pivotal juncture in their careers as they move from their responsibilities as the performer of the task into a role as manager of the team. As an organizational and cultural developer responsible for meeting corporate goals and objectives, a different series of agendas will evolve for the new manager with the addition of different responsibilities and formal authority. This course will present the need for interpersonal relationships and motivational concepts that will be instrumental to efficiently direct and inspire teams new product designs.

Outline of Topics:

  1. Management History and the Transitioning into Management
  2. Planning and Goal setting
  3. Developing a management style and observing emotional intelligence
  4. Interpersonal Relationships
  5. Ethics, diversity and social responsibility – Mid Term Exam
  6. Decision Making
  7. Communications
  8. Motivation and Teambuilding
  9. Managing Conflict
  10. Characteristics of an Effective Manager and Creating a Life Balance

Required Text:   

The New Art of Managing People

Authors  Phil Hunsaker & Tony Alessandra

Publisher  New York Free Press

Year 2008

ISBN-101-4165-5062-3      ISBN-13978-1-4165-5062-4